Friday, May 28, 2010

Medicine in the News #1: 06-17-2008

Summary: Lots of things are contributing to doctors in the United States being frustrated by medical practice, including workload, loss of professional autonomy, payment denials, "informed" patients, the threat of malpractice, and decreased reimbursement. Each one of these issues is a substantial burden by itself; add them together, and it makes one wonder why doctors are allowed to be treated this way. In most of these cases, it seems that people are attempting to make their own lives easier at the expense of the doctors' well-being, which ought to be a criminal offense. With these many problems, it's no wonder that some doctors are thinking of leaving the medical profession altogether. Unless some big changes happen, one can expect physician dissatisfaction to stay at the high level where it is.

Best Quotation: "This whole week I haven't slept more than about six hours a night." I asked when his work usually got done. "It is never done," he replied, shaking his head.